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bananaleaf -

vegan pop up breakfast

Vegan, Asian-ish breakfast concept popping up at various places aiming for always new, fun, fresh + vegan breakfast dishes!

Spread colour and love through asian inspired food.

Bananleaf is popping up in existing locations - Store in Store - (bars, restaurants, shops, etc.) and uses their already existing infastructure and inventory. Since the concept is not tied to a location we can ensure to stay flexible and to behave in a more sustainable and efficient way by using ressources while others don´t need them. 

Closed Shops, Cafés or Restaurants means no income an no happy people(!)  

next Pop UP:

26.05. Bananaleaf Birthday Pop up!

@Restless, Luisenstr. 27

(mehr auf Upcoming Events od. Facebook)


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